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It has been a blazed !
As I experienced this training in english it his hard to put it into german words. So I decided to keep it as an english experience also for you.

In my singing I never felt that I had tools to understand some sounds, effects or voice colours. I found it hard to understand why I found some sounds easy and others hard or why is it like that for others.
This technique helped me understand my instrument explained based on analytical research how which sounds are produced and how to train them myself.

In this three months of training I got to know new genres, sounds, effects and learned how to practice them. And through all of that I got more comfortable with my voice which also improved my interpretation. I had a hard time leaving that programme as it got me so much further, but I am still not finished. There is so much more to learn and improve and I hope I never stop trying to make the best out of my skills and my instrument.

If any of you have more questions about this experience or CVT I am happy to give you more details.

For now I can only say thank you to all my colleagues and teachers.
I will miss Copenhagen, Jam Sessions, Karaoke Nights and much more!